Gabriella Cox

Not Sarah Silverman

Gabriella Cox
Not Sarah Silverman

Ciao Bella

I know, I have been slacking so hard on this blog (especially considering its newness). I promise, the delay has been so worth it because I was able to visit one of my favorite cities, Los Angeles. We spent almost a week in the City of Angels, catching up with family and friends. My in-laws, my cousin, and one of my best friends all reside in different parts of the magnificent city so we jetted around town quite a bit.

Prior to heading out, I was informed that we were going to a jazz show put on by an old man crush of mine. He's intelligent, witty, and was almost eaten by a T-Rex in Jurassic Park. Can you guess who it is? Jeff Goldblum!! Yes, 'The Fly' man himself. Not only were we right by his piano, but he would come up and talk to your table and socialize with the crowd. Unfortunately, the only thing he could think to talk about to my husband and me was how Arkansas was going 'red' in the election - far from interesting conversation for us.

So I'm going to interject myself with a short story to preface what comes next. Over the last year, my husband and I have been going to a taco place in town for the margs. I have never gotten this feedback in my life, but the guy who owns the taco shop always tells me I look like Sarah Silverman. Don't get me wrong - she's pretty - but I've never found her funny and don't like being told that I look like her. So before we left, my brother-in-law made a bet that Jeff Goldblum would tell me I looked like a young Sarah Silverman.

Fast forward back to the show. Jeff holds intermission where he lets everyone take pictures with him and gives them a good squeeze - I wish I had a video to show you how he literally squeezes everyone. I'm pretty sure God has a good sense of humor (and luckily I do too) because as soon as I got up to take a photo, Jeff announced, "We have a young Sarah Silverman over here." I almost died and told him I didn't like that. He said he knew her and she was lovely so I guess I can take it as a compliment. Regardless, Jeff puts on a great show. 


While that may seem like the biggest highlight of the trip, I assure you there were many others. That instance just so happens to be the funniest and most Ironic. 

We had the opportunity to stay with my best friend and "bridesman" about a block away from Venice Beach. Literally, 3 of us cuddling us a 1 bedroom studio apartment. It was great to have him take us out on the town and catch up. I have been blessed that he and my husband have become really good friends. There could easily be some insecurities in this friendship, but I've actually become 3rd wheel to their 'bro speak.' I also got to spend time in Santa Monica, the observatory, shopping on Melrose, eating lots of ice cream, California Donuts, and even got to check out an improv show. Richard and I watch some goofy obscure shows, including Silicon Valley on HBO. To our enjoyment, one of our favorite characters from the show was part of the improv group performing. Also -- (for all of you Gossip Girl Fans) I saw KELLY RUTHERFORD. My heart may have skipped a beat and I totally wanted to fan girl on Lilly, but I held my composure for the sake of my brunching family.

I mentioned shopping, and I promise I have some great finds to share with you in styled looks over the next few weeks. If you have never been to LA, there are lots of VERY EXPENSIVE shops, designers everywhere, etc. But to my enjoyment, there are just as many affordable shops, vintage shops galore, and great markets like the one on Melrose on Sundays. I was perplexed because in NWA, an up-cycled dresser would cost at least $300-$400. I found multiple beautiful pieces of furniture for $150. It was craziness. The vintage shops are impressive too because everything gets depleted here so quickly or it's really expensive. Vintage items in LA are a dime a dozen so everything is really affordable. If it wasn't chilly out, I would have purchased ALL OF THE CUT OFF SHORTS. $20 to $25 dollars folks. It's insane and fantastic all rolled into one.

Below are my styled looks that I wore around in LA. I had to pack super light because we flew Allegiant with limited baggage - hence the repeats. I have tried to include links to the item or a similar item below. 

I love that city. I hope if you never visit it that you have the opportunity.