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My name is Gabriella but you can call me Gabbie. I have had a desire to blog for a long time. Living in an apartment in Northwest Arkansas, I felt that my husband would appreciate a creative avenue that involved confinement to my laptop or photos outside. Painting takes up a lot of room and my guitar probably annoys my neighbors. I've decide to declare this blog a lifestyle blog and I hope to find my groove with a common theme as I learn and grow in the blog space.

Get to know me:

I am wife and a young professional who basically drives a lunch box of a Honda and works hard so that I can spend my money on travel with my husband and some cute clothes along the way. As much as I would love to provide you with glamourous content every day, you probably won't see vacations to Europe or Prada and Louboutin plastered across my page every 10 minutes. That being said, I am a merchant by trade and have an eye for a good deal. My hope is that you benefit from my 6th sense of sniffing out sales. I love fashion and beauty so you will probably see that integrate into many of my posts. I am also an experimental cook, travel fiend, and crossfitter. I won't bore you and fulfill the stereotype that we only talk about crossfit - promise! All of these things will somehow be apart of this new adventure that you are taking along with me. 

Most importantly I am a lover of JESUS.